Service Keys

Cloud Foundry enables you to inject service data directly to your running application. However, you might want to access your database from a local client or from applications running outside of Cloud Foundry. In these cases you will need credentials to your services. They are calles Service Keys.

Creating a Service Key via the Service Dashboard

  1. Access the Service Dashboard for which you want to create a Service Key

  2. Navigate to Service Key in the top menu

  3. You will see an overview on existing Service Keys and you are able to create a new Service key by clicking on the button

  4. Click on the Details button of your newly created Service Key to access credentials and further information

  5. Congratulations. You created a Service Key.

Creating a Service Key via CLI

  1. Login to your CLI

  2. Access your desired space/project

  3. cf services will list your existing services

  4. cf create-service-key yourService yourKeyname will create a key for your service

List existing Service Keys for your Service

  1. cf service-keys yourService will list all existing keys for your service

Get Credentials for a Service Key

  1. cf service-key yourService yourKeyname will display the credentials for your service

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