Meshcloud Service Users

Sometimes you may need a special user with separate credentials for automated deployment tasks. This is what Meshcloud Service users are made for. A service user has to be created for a specific platform (Compute, Container) within a specific project. You can have multiple Service Users per platform and project. You will need an OpenStack Service User if you are aiming to use Heat scripts for your deployment.

Creating a Service User

The following steps describe how to create a Service User:

  1. Navigate to

  2. If not logged in, please login with your personal credentials.

  3. On the Welcome Dashboard, please select the Project & Location in which you want to use your Service User.

  4. After selecting Project & Location, go to Tools > Service Users in the menu bar on the left.

  5. On the form enter a description for the Service User, e.g. PaaS Backup Service User.

  6. In the Platform Section select the platform for which you wish to create the service user. For Service Broker Backups you require a Service User for OpenStack DARZ. If you are aiming to build a continuous integration pipeline you are probably looking for a Cloud Foundry Service User.

  7. Click on the to add the Service User. An automated download will start and provide you with the Service User credentials.

  8. Note down the password, as it won't be visible and/or recoverable anymore.

  9. Congratulations. You successfully created a Service User.

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